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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

Automate your sales, service, and customer support with Dynamics Success Group

A renowned Microsoft Partner to Accelerate your Business Flawlessly

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM) enables small to mid-size companies to build meaningful relationships with prospects, customers, and vendors.

Dynamics Success Group, a North American Microsoft partner for over 25 years, knows how to apply best practices to get the most from your CRM.  We empower companies to compete effectively by:

Bringing insights into your sales process

Engaging closely with customers

Earning customer loyalty that leads to repeat business


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) includes:

SALES – A connected environment to win more deals:

  • Share information and collaborate on customers and leads

  • Keep sales and management in the loop with overviews

  • Deepen the relationship with your customers

  • Win more sales

MARKETING Run campaigns right from your CRM

  • Map out and execute marketing campaigns

  • Ensure you reach your target market

  • Create relevant content

  • Simplify campaign management

FIELD SERVICE Get your team organized by:

  • Scheduling and managing service visits

  • Optimizing available resources

  • Insight into employees’ activities in the field

  • Pro-actively plan for future service, and review history

CUSTOMER SERVICE Stay close to your customers

  • Promptly answer your customers’ questions

  • Create incidents to document activity

  • Triage and respond to inquiries

  • Access history

Unleash your CE/CRM’s potential with Portal Technology


There are many ways to add value for your customers with a portal extension added to your CRM. Dynamics Success Group helps customers in many industries become more efficient and gain points with portal users.

Healthcare – Book appointments conveniently with information connected to the CE/CRM data.

Associations – Maintain membership, and book the next event or appointment.

Onboarding a new client - Never miss a step and ensure regulatory forms are completed right from the start.

Abstract Clouds

Gain maximum value from your CE/CRM With Dynamics Success

There’s no substitute for experience

Our professional team has decades of hands-on experience helping customers unlock the benefits of a connected and feature rich CE/CRM system. We know the best practices, effective business processes, workflows, and visualizations to help you reach your business vision.


“We didn’t have a clue how to solve our Dynamics CE/CRM issues. Dynamics Success group led us step-by-step to efficiencies with our work processes. It is a relief to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Microsoft Partner.”

Experience Rapid Time to Value

We don’t just install software. We optimize and fit the software features to your needs. We show you the value of a solution for your organization, and help you get buy-in from your team.

Stress-Free Implementations

Our proven methodology alleviates the stress of implementing a new business management system. Our team is passionate about business process optimization to improve productivity. It is a priority for us to align with management goals and ensure transparency for every engagement.

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