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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Customer Portals - Analytics - Tailored Experiences

A renowned Microsoft Partner to Accelerate your Business Flawlessly

Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers you to provide exceptional service to stay closer to your customers. Dynamics Success Group has the know-how to automate your processes to give your customers the experience they expect.

Bringing insights into your sales process

Engaging closely with customers

Earning customer loyalty that leads to repeat business



KNOW your customer

  • Record your customer’s preferences and history

  • Provide attentive support across channels

  • Real-time chats for instant communication

  • Provide personalized service

IMPROVE agent productivity

  • Find answers instantly.

  • Track events.

  • Record activities in real-time.

  • Accelerate customer support.

INTEL to Improve operations

  • Use data and analytics to improve agent and customer experiences 

  • Increase productivity.


  • Automated chatbots that provide answers

  • Provide informational portals to empower your customers

PERSONALIZE customer service engagements

  • Tailor experiences to match customer preferences

  • Be proactive with their needs

  • Interact on preferred channels

ADAPT to real-time customer feedback

  • Provide actionable insights and optimize your services

  • Deliver proactive services – detect problems before your customer knows anything is wrong.

Gain maximum VALUE with
Dynamics Success


Our professional team has 25+ years of hands-on experience helping customers with effective business processes, workflows, and visualizations to help you connect and engage your customers.

We can help with Business Portals, agent chatbots, and other essential tools to

empower your customers.

TRUST our experience and knowledge.

“Dynamics Success Group advised us of the best way to automate tasks for our Customer Service team. They made us realize that the easier we make it for our customers, the more they will do business with us. We received practical advice and couldn’t be happier with their services.”

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Dynamics Success Group CONNECTS you to your customers for immediate results.

Making the right software configuration decisions to keep your customers returning for repeat business is always top of mind for our consultants. With experience and knowledge, we’ll guide you to provide the seamless experience modern customers seek.

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