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Implementation Services


Knowledgeable - Responsive - Organized

A renowned Microsoft Partner to Accelerate your Business Flawlessly

Dynamics Success Group knows that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP is vital to how you operate your business. We implement and support your software using best practices learned from 25 years of helping companies like yours leverage Microsoft technologies and achieve efficiencies that add to the bottom line.

What you can EXPECT from our team:


We keep your best interests at heart for every project we work on for you. We'll advise you of the benefits and consequences so you can choose the optimal technology path.


We get that you don't know what you don't know. We'll always give you enough information to make decisions that fit your strategic goals. Our consultants enable plans that apply today and work for the future.


We get it right or make it right. Our team stands up and takes responsibility to ensure that, regardless of the cause of a problem, we create a practical plan to resolve issues and keep your systems running smoothly. 



It is a priority for us to keep direct lines of communication between our CEO, Blair Hicken, and your executive team. Blair works actively to understand your business vision, translate that into available technology, and inspire the team to "make it so." 

As a business owner, he understands budget constraints, high-priority initiatives, and how to get buy-in from every team member.



Services & Methodology


For larger projects, to ensure we thoroughly understand your business goals with your new software, we engage your team in discovery sessions to uncover any gaps between how you work and the software solution's capabilities.

Design and Plan

We'll create a plan to be sure we meet your objectives. Everyone on the team will know what to do next to bring your vision to life.


Our planning, testing, and training reduce most unwanted surprises on go-live day. Rest assured, we'll jump in and solve any issues if they arise.

On-going Support

We've got your back. We can help train new hires, add third-party services, or solve software issues. Sign up for one of our support plans, and we'll keep you running optimally.

User Testing

We'll run side-by-side with your team to make sure transactions are balanced and correct. We'll help them test their work and make any work process adjustments before going live.


Your employees gain confidence in their work when trained on the new technology. We offer training to match different learning styles, online training, documented or recorded.

Migrations and Upgrades

We can upgrade you from older versions of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to Dynamics Business Central. We have tools to quickly help you take advantage of the latest Microsoft Cloud innovations and compete better.


If you are moving from another ERP platform, we collaborate with you to decide how much data to migrate to the new system. Our team efficiently populates Business Central, and we work to meet your project deadlines. 


Many pre-made Dynamics 365 Business Central reports are available to fit most business requirements. We can help identify if you need to engage us for additional custom reporting services.

Integrations & Customizations

You may have favorite third-party software that you rely on to meet industry needs. Our skilled team can integrate add-ons into a single unified experience for your customers, partners, or internal team.

We are well-prepared to help you with any customizations as required. 

Gain maximum VALUE from Dynamics Business Central

Lean on our experience and knowledge

Our professional team has decades of hands-on experience helping customers unlock the benefits of Microsoft business technology. We know the effective business processes, workflows, and visualizations to help you achieve your business vision.

 "Dynamics Success Group knew what we needed to get maximum value from Business Central. There was never a question they couldn't answer. Our entire team is empowered with the new ERP system."

Abstract Clouds

Experience ROI immediately

We not only know how the software works, but we also understand the best business practices for your industry. Our team consistently communicates the value of Business Central for your organization and helps you gain buy-in from your team.

At last, Software Aligned with Your Business Goals.

Our team is obsessive about business process optimization to improve productivity. We prioritize aligning with management goals and ensure transparency for every engagement.

Contact Us to discuss your needs with an expert and see a demonstration.
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