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Advisory Services

A renowned Microsoft Partner to Accelerate your Business Flawlessly

To remain competitive, Dynamics Success Group recommends that mid-size organizations look for ways to leverage technology to enhance their
operations and performance.

Guidance Backed by Experience

ERP and CRM implementations are disruptive to the organization and people involved. With over 200 successful ERP and CRM implementations, for mid-market and lower enterprise customers, we have the experience to help guide the team through the process. From Requirements analysis, Solution Architecture, Project Management, and project augmentation.

While many companies / organizations and executives may only complete one or two full ERP / CRM implementations, our Dynamics Success Group team has completed hundreds of various sizes and complexities. This experience provides us with the knowledge of identifying the critical areas of concern and areas that need to be a focus before there is a significant impact to project team and organizations. 


Services & Methodology

Ensuring Objectives are Met

In the role of Solution Advisor or Solution Architect, we often work as the interface with the Project’s Executive sponsor and the selected implementation partner to ensure that the project objectives are met, and any potential risks are identified and mediated, as quickly as possible. 

We help CFO's and CIOs evaluate, select, and implement ERP & CRM software that benefits your company in measurable ways. 

Dynamics Success Group is a beacon of guidance, providing advisory services for customers in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

Alternatives to Customizations

With the evolution of on premises and SaaS ERP and CRM platforms (technologies), there are often alternative processes and solutions available before stepping into ‘customizing’ the off the shelf configuration options.  

The SaaS environment has accelerated the development of new focused solutions and configuration options, as your Project Advisor, it is our role to understand the business objectives, to highlight options, bring potential solutions to the table for your evaluation and to work with your partners to implement and address the requirements. 

Tapping into Potential

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications that help organizations streamline processes, make informed decisions, and enhance business performance. 

Dynamics Success Group taps into this potential by offering tailored advisory services, enabling businesses to make the most of Microsoft Dynamics applications.

Proactive Problem Solving

Accountability is another cornerstone of Dynamics Success Group's approach. The team embodies a "get it right or make it right" ethos, taking responsibility for any issues that may arise. Regardless of the problem's origin, we are committed to formulating and implementing practical solutions to ensure our clients' systems' smooth and continuous operation.

Navigating Complexities

Industry-focused business interactions are inherently complex, with varied demands and higher stakes. Dynamics Success Group navigates companies through this complexity with its deep expertise and insight. We will work with the key stakeholders to clarify any concerns and develop a plan to review and optimize the process. We craft customized solutions that address unique business needs, fostering seamless interactions, better decision-making, and enhanced business success.


What sets Dynamics Success Group apart is the tangible expectations they offer their clients.

"Our company is anchored in the principles of honest communication, ensuring clients are well-informed of both the benefits and consequences of potential technological paths. This approach guarantees that every piece of advice is transparent, enabling our clients to make choices most congruent with their strategic objectives."

Blair Hicken, President, Dynamics Success Group.

Comprehensive Services

Dynamics Success Group's advisory services span across various facets. From initial system assessment and selection to implementation and optimization, the group supports businesses at every step. They seek to understand the intricacies of each company, ensuring the alignment of Microsoft Dynamics applications with the organization's goals and objectives.

Adaptability to Changing Landscape

The continuous evolution of technology necessitates that businesses remain adaptive and up to date. Dynamics Success Group is committed to this principle of adaptability, offering advisory services that are in tune with the latest developments in the Microsoft Dynamics environment. This commitment ensures that their customers are always at the forefront of technological advancement, ready to harness the benefits of innovation.

Using Technology for Growth and Success

In essence, Dynamics Success Group stands out as a cornerstone for companies seeking to harness the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics. 

Our unwavering commitment to client success, adaptability, and in-depth expertise make Dynamics Success Group a preferred partner for customers aiming to make significant business advances in the Microsoft Dynamics environment. 

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